Texting Your Ex Back

Why Texting Your Ex Back Is The Best

Review of text your ex back

Before we get into Michael Fiore’s new program “Text Your Ex Back” maybe it’s best to first explain why the best way to get your ex back is by actually texting her back instead of using some other more-romantic way.  (read this text your ex back review)

The primary reason is the fact that you can think about what you want to say when you text your ex back.

If you’re having a phone conversation with them, or are having dinner and looking at them face-to-face, you can easily stick your foot in your mouth. If your ex says something about that time you shared, or the moment you had together, and then you get all emotion and say how you want her back right away… that’s going to hurt your cause. That’s what you don’t want, because it sounds terribly desperate.

But if you’re texting your ex back instead of having a real-time conversation, you can think about your response for as long as you want and compose the message that you think it appropriate. This ability to play with time is important when trying to get back your ex. Being able to edit, and get other people’s opinions, and re-edit, and change, and finalize precisely the message you want to convey is way better than having to respond to something right away. This is vital.

The second reason is the fact that, unlike a real-time conversation, you can build suspense by not responding right away. This, again, is an important aspect when trying to win your ex back. It makes her think that you aren’t just sitting around, pining over her. That instead you are getting on with your life, and she is going to miss the boat if she stays away from you any longer. The fact that you show you care less actually puts her in a position where she will feel like she needs to win YOU back, and then you’ve already won her back.

So, then. If texting your ex back is the best way to get her back, then what is it specifically about Michael Fiore’s program that you will get?

What Does Text Your Ex Back Include?

1. Well, you will see examples for exactly what to text her. Fiore goes through why certain types of texts work, what she will think when she reads them, and how to send the texts that will have her thinking about you more often.

2. You will learn how to plant little bits of doubt in her mind that you’re not even thinking about her anymore. This is an important part in the whole “win her back” mindset that you need to get her in. If you’re always going to be around, she won’t really think you’re that important. But if there’s a premium on you and your time, she will feel like you’re worth even more than before.

3. You will learn what mistakes not to make. This is vital. Even though texting your ex back is the best way to win her back, there are definitely mistakes that can be made if you don’t play your cards right. The stupid drunk text where you download all of your feelings onto her. The one where you say how much you miss her and that you’ve been crying every day since she left. These will only dig you into a much deeper hole and, maybe, scare her off for good.

So if you’re thinking about trying to get your ex back, then you really owe it to yourself to pick up Michael Fiore’s great new program “Text Your Ex Back.”

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