Superman Stamina Shows Naked Women (But does it work)

My Review of Superman Stamina

Thought I would do a quick review of Superman Stamina.

It’s one of my recurring nightmares.

I’m sitting there, in bed, with the girl of my dreams, after spending months and months wooing her. Everything is going great … for about a second! And then I get way too excited and last only a minute.

Worst of all, because the first time was so horrible, she never gives me a second chance.

This nightmare is so horrible because it actually happened to me! And I KNOW that many of you guys have experienced the same thing.

Luckily, there’s a new program that tries to fix this problem: The Superman Stamina Review. You may have heard about it around the blogs and various review sites by now, and I have to tell you, it’s worth the hype.

The program is split up into 3 sections.

1. Superman Stamina seminar Lessons

This is your standard instruction section of the program, where the various lessons you’re going to learn during the program are laid down.

Male porn star Keri Styles, and a female porn star, go through the techniques they’ll be teaching. Things like how masturbation affects you, what do Viagra and Cialis do to your body, what the truth about penis size really is, etc. It’s dry, it’s basic, it’s important to know.

And if this was the only section, I wouldn’t be recommend this to you guys.

But it’s not. The program picks up with section two, where you actually see these lessons in action:

2. Superman Stamina  in Action

Well, that’s more like it.

This section features Styles actually banging his co-star, all while delivering advice and going over the lessons you learned in section 1. That’s right, instead of just telling you about the various techniques you need to last longer (like a lot of those other books and programs out there) this one actually features someone showing you how to put these techniques to use.

And you kind of have to trust that Styles knows what he’s doing here. I mean, unlike the various old white dudes who usually write “How To Get Better At Sex” novels and programs available at your local bookstore, this is a guy who’s banged more women than you’ve jerked off to. He’s a porn star, for goodness sakes! Dude needs no further evidence of his prowess.

And, thankfully, that’s not where the instruction ends.

3. Superman Stamina The Practice DVD

This sucker is split into two parts.

The first one is a review of everything we’ve learned so far, things like breathing technique and the concepts of the “arousal ladder” and the importance of keeping pace and tension. This is all pretty basic. But it’s the second part where it takes a turn.

Here, you watch a hot female porn star masturbating, and you’re supposed to jerk off to her. That’s right. The program actually TELLS you to jerk off to porn.

I can’t tell you how refreshing this is. Usually, programs tend to look at jerking off to porn as the problem. This program, on the other end of the spectrum, actually uses porn to teach you how to get better in bed.

While you’re jerking off to the porn star, there’s a scale on the side of the screen with numbers from 1-10, indicating what level your “arousal level” should be at. Other tips flash across the screen (like “keep your eyes open” and “watch your breathing”) that will keep you focuses on what you’re doing.

Now that’s what I call a fun class to take.

Again, I can’t speak highly enough of this program. It is truly a revolutionary and brilliant set of instruction that will help you get better and last longer in the bedroom in no time. Buy it now!

Thanks for reading this review of Keni Styles Superman Stamina

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