Is Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box a Scam?

Is Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box a Scam?

I hear a lot of guys asking whether or not Vin DiCarlo’s new program, Pandora’s Box is a scam.  To put it simply, the answer is no, Vin’s new program is not a scam.

One thing you need to understand is that Vin DiCarlo has been teaching men how to get better with women for almost 10 years now.  He has a HUGE following of supporters online, and he would not risk his reputation by putting out a product that he didn’t fully believe in.

Secondly, I have met Vin DiCarlo on three separate occasions (We both live in NJ only about 15 minutes apart), and have had a chance to hang out with him… and I can tell you this, he must be doing something right, because every time I’ve seen him he was with a different beautiful women.  And all of these women seemed to be eating out of the palm of his hand.

Here is the thing with Pandora’s Box… it is a really interesting system for placing girls into certain types, which makes it easier to predict their behavior, and to know what it is they will want.  Will it work on every single girl.  No.  But will a majority of girls respond exactly as Vin predicts?  I have found that to be the case.  And I know several guys who have purchased Pandora’s Box and they all say that it has really helped improve their ability to read the signs women are giving them, and in turn, has allowed them to respond exactly the woman craves… leading to them getting more dates, more hookups, and more sex.

As for the material you receive when you sign up for Pandora’s Box… you get a ton of  material.  But, what is great is that they break it all down into bite sized chunks, spread over 11 manuals.  This does not leave you with a feeling of overwhelm that a lot of products leave you with.

I have personally learned a lot from Vin over the years, his ladder of escalation is a staple of my dating life, and I predict, that Pandora’s Box is going to become just as popular and mainstream as some of Vin’s previous efforts.

If you’re still not sure, check out some of the free Pandora’s Box material he is giving away.

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