How To Ask First Date Questions

First date

There’s only one chance to make a first impression. Everyone knows that saying. But it’s around for a reason. If you have a bad first date with a girl, there’s virtually no chance she’s going to agree to going on a second date with you.

Which is why it’s important to ask the right first date questions.

Emotional Not Facts

The biggest thing to keep in mind when coming up with questions to ask on a date is that this is not a stuffy old boring job interview. This is about who she is, not what she has done. So questions like “What is your job?” or “How many pets do you have?” or “Where did you grow up?” all need to be thrown away immediately.

These facts about her will come out in due time.

Instead, you have to make the first date about who she is inside. Cut through all of the crap. Forget about the boring small talk that generally dominates these kind of first date meetings.

To give you a few examples of what I mean, here are some ideal first date questions:

– What was the worst first date experience you’ve ever had?

– If you had to pick up and move anywhere else in the world today, where would it be?

– What was the most embarrassing thing to happen to you?

– What is your secret weakness, something you cannot say no to?

You see how these cut right to the heart of what kind of person she is, not what her past accomplishments are?

Statements, Not Questions

If you think these questions might come off as too forced or as some kind of line, then a trick I use sometimes is to disguise questions in the form of a statement. For example, looking her over and saying “You look like you come from money, because you look so classy” will get her opening up about how she grew up much quicker and easier than just using the boring old “How was your experience growing up?”

Having these kinds of conversations will make her less nervous, more comfortable around you, and open her up to all sorts of flirting.

Speaking of flirting, here’s a video I made about how to flirt on a first date you have to check out:

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