How to Approach a Girl

Easier than you thiink

If you’re here, then you have a problem. You cannot for the life of you get past the nervous feeling you get whenever you are trying to approach girls. And listen, that’s fine. We’ve all been there. But it’s time to change that by reading this article.

The Best Way To Approach Girls

We’ll start off by saying what is NOT the best way to approach girls, and this is the kind of thing most guys do. They walk up to her, say she looks pretty or something, trying to hide their nerves by inevitably failing, and then ask for their number. No wonder they get rejected so many times.

No, folks. The best way – that I’ve found, at least – is to use an “indirect opener” in order to start talking to a girl. These are such things as asking her “Do you know where the nearest coffee shop is?” or “Do you know when the next bus stops here?” Innocent comments like that. By asking these normal questions, the girl will have no choice but to respond in a normal way to you, making the all-important first part of the conversation loose and laid back. You can take it from there.

The other one that I use is the “opinion opener.” This is better to use in a party or bar setting than, say, just walking down the street. How it works is you try to get her opinion on something like “is kissing cheating?” (Usually the more scandalous, relationship-based ones work the best. Avoid things like “what do you think about the Carmello Anthony trade?”) This will get her talking, it’ll get you talking, and before you know it you’re in a conversation with her.

When to Approach Her

Most guys think the best time to approach is after getting eye contact. To that, I say, watch this video:

Mistakes to Avoid

Three main things to avoid. The first is to give her some personal space when approaching her. You don’t want to set off the creep alarm in her brain before even saying two words to her. Then you have to dig yourself out of a huge hole. The second is to avoid complimenting her. I know, it sounds weird, but by complimenting her too much off the bat you are putting her on a pedestal and at a place of power. Trust me. The last one is to simply get rid of your nerves. At the very least, try not to appear nervous. See what you’re doing, how you’re acting, and go from there.

How to Get Confidence

Watch this:

There. Follow these tips and you’ll be fine when you get out into the field.

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