How Not to Get Back With Your Ex

Get her back!

Getting back together with your ex is a tricky thing.

In the first place, there’s a reason you two broke up. Either she wasn’t ready for the commitment you were trying to get from her, or you were acting like an asshole, or really any number of things. But, in your mind, there is still some chemistry there and you want to give it another go.

And there are ways to do this. There are tricks to use in order to get back with your ex. However, what you’re about to read isn’t any of them. These are the “tricks” that most of us will try to perform, that have been taught to us from hundreds of romantic comedies and sitcoms. And none of them will work.

Don’t: Buy Her Flowers

Or really make any grand gesture about trying to get back together. This will just make her think that she’s the only thing you really care about. Which, again, on the surface sounds like that’s something she should want. But really a girl isn’t looking for a guy who only think about her. She’s looking for a guy who has his own thing going on. Who’s interesting and fun and full of confidence. In other words, not what you are right now.

Instead of flowers for her, buy things for YOURSELF. Get a new haircut. Buy a gym membership. Get back in shape. These are not things you’re doing to impress her. These are things you’re doing for yourself because you want to.

Don’t: Communicate with Her

She’s going to call you, or text you, or Facebook you. Ignore, ignore, ignore. You want to give off the aura that you’re doing okay without her. That you don’t really need her. That you’re going to be having fun and living life well, with or without her by your side. To do that, you want to keep all communication about her on the positive side when you’re talking to mutual friends, and you want to keep all social networking posts in the positive frame of mind, never mentioning her at all.

Save the bitch sessions about her for drinks with your friends.

Don’t: Stop Dating Other People

You need to get back out there. And not because it’s about meeting the right woman or getting over her. It’s because it will give you practice of how to treat her when she calls on you again.

Think of it like this: When you were first dating, things were going well because there was no attachment or crazy commitments to get into. And if you start dating again, that’s how it should be in order for it to work. So you need to get back in that frame of mind. That “I’m single and having fun” mindset that you were in before you started dating her. Then, when she does call on you, you’ll be ready to go.

For some tips on how to flirt and tease her, which you should use both on your dates and when she comes back, watch this video I made:

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