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How to text girls.

One thing that most guys don’t know how to do, despite their best efforts and the work they put in night after night going – is texting people. Texting ettiqete oftentimes eludes people, as you can probably tell by the rash of scandals coming through about people sending pictures of their penis to potential partners, or anyone who makes eye contact with them on the subway. There are a number of simple rules you can adhere to make sure that the overall texting experience is something positive and beneficial for both parties, the violation of which is a surefire way most men manage to blow their interactions. How do you text girls?

Here’s a short and simple guide that any amateur texter can adhere to.

Secrets of How to Text Girls

Keep the interaction light and flirty.

You know why? No woman wants to deal with a man pretending to be a James-Joycian styled author of interactions. Especially someone that they’ve just met. If you ever want to find out what women think is creepy, it’s over-investing on a brief encounter with someone, hence all the blog posts detailing the creepy men they have to deal with. Keep it light and flirty. Tease her. Build comfort with her. Don’t ever, EVER appear too needy – as that’s the kiss of death in any interaction.

So lets talk about how to text girls.

Make sure you’re adding things to the exchange.

Just like verbally. If you encountered someone who consistently was asking you questions and pestering you via text message, you’d be less inclined to respond to them. In fact, you’d want to delete their number and make sure they didn’t talk to you again. So fun facts, stupid jokes, again, teasing, all of these things can be utilized to make sure the interaction goes well. Not being emotionally evocative is the biggest mistake men make in every interaction, including text messages. If you can avoid that trap, you’re already on good ground.

The point of all of this is to eventually see her in person.

Not really a revolutionary concept, but you don’t want to sit around all day racking up a gigantic texting bill just because you ran into a girl that you found physically attractive. Additionally, you don’t want to become some kind of platonic texting buddy for someone who has no romantic intensions for you. There’s nothing worse than looking through your backlog of messages are realizing you’ve written a small novel without any form of return. So while you’re texting her, make sure that the endgame is to get her live and in front of you. If you’re unable to do that….you shouldn’t be texting in the first place.

If you want to be the exception of the rule, call instead.

So many guys text nowadays instead of talking to people, it helps to be the odd man out who isn’t afraid of the sound of his own voice. If you really hit it off with someone, there’s no harm in calling them. People text primarily because it gives the woman a chance to respond when she needs to, but if you get the sensation she’d prefer the dulcet tones of your voice versus a brief exchange of characters, go with your instincts.

Draw her into your world.

The one thing that a lot of pick-up artists forget is that women go after men who have value. Be it situational, personal, or otherwise – if you can communicate that value through text by learning how to text girls, by recommending good places to go, not being needy, and forcing her to put work into the interaction, she’ll have no choice but to chase you. That’s what we’re all after here…if we can get her chasing by only doing that, we’re in a good space.

Whatever you do, don’t send her naked pictures.

Remember — keep the interaction light fun and flirty. Besides the fact that they’ll eventually wind up on the internet…nobody wants unsolicited pictures of penis. Or solicited pictures for that matter. Women respond to nudity different than men do – they find it hilarious. So to prevent yourself from getting embarrassed by a disgruntled ex or a random stranger that you rubbed up against on a bus…don’t send out your own nude pics.

Those are some tips for how to text girls.

Free Video:   3 Texts to Turn Her On and Get Her Out

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How Not to Get Back With Your Ex Wed, 07 Sep 2011 23:47:17 +0000

Get her back!

Getting back together with your ex is a tricky thing.

In the first place, there’s a reason you two broke up. Either she wasn’t ready for the commitment you were trying to get from her, or you were acting like an asshole, or really any number of things. But, in your mind, there is still some chemistry there and you want to give it another go.

And there are ways to do this. There are tricks to use in order to get back with your ex. However, what you’re about to read isn’t any of them. These are the “tricks” that most of us will try to perform, that have been taught to us from hundreds of romantic comedies and sitcoms. And none of them will work.

Don’t: Buy Her Flowers

Or really make any grand gesture about trying to get back together. This will just make her think that she’s the only thing you really care about. Which, again, on the surface sounds like that’s something she should want. But really a girl isn’t looking for a guy who only think about her. She’s looking for a guy who has his own thing going on. Who’s interesting and fun and full of confidence. In other words, not what you are right now.

Instead of flowers for her, buy things for YOURSELF. Get a new haircut. Buy a gym membership. Get back in shape. These are not things you’re doing to impress her. These are things you’re doing for yourself because you want to.

Don’t: Communicate with Her

She’s going to call you, or text you, or Facebook you. Ignore, ignore, ignore. You want to give off the aura that you’re doing okay without her. That you don’t really need her. That you’re going to be having fun and living life well, with or without her by your side. To do that, you want to keep all communication about her on the positive side when you’re talking to mutual friends, and you want to keep all social networking posts in the positive frame of mind, never mentioning her at all.

Save the bitch sessions about her for drinks with your friends.

Don’t: Stop Dating Other People

You need to get back out there. And not because it’s about meeting the right woman or getting over her. It’s because it will give you practice of how to treat her when she calls on you again.

Think of it like this: When you were first dating, things were going well because there was no attachment or crazy commitments to get into. And if you start dating again, that’s how it should be in order for it to work. So you need to get back in that frame of mind. That “I’m single and having fun” mindset that you were in before you started dating her. Then, when she does call on you, you’ll be ready to go.

For some tips on how to flirt and tease her, which you should use both on your dates and when she comes back, watch this video I made:

For more tips on how to win back your ex-girlfriend, check out this article at TSB.

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Looking at Paul Janka’s “Attraction Formula” Mon, 29 Aug 2011 01:40:55 +0000

My Review of Attraction Formula by Paul Janka

Paul Janka. You can’t say those two words without people have some sort of reaction, usually in the negative capacity.

“Jerk.” “Asshole.” “Misogynist.” “Piece of shit.” “Blowhard.”

These are all the usual ones, mostly due to his appearance on Dr. Phil where he came across as such. And they’re not wrong. Dude is a bit of an ass. But that doesn’t mean his methods when it comes to picking up girls don’t work. At least that’s what I’ve been hearing. So with that in mind, I decided to review Paul Janka’s “Attraction Formula” and see if there’s actual value in the hype that he’s a great pick-up artist.

One thing you have to hand to Janka is that he’s definitely a guy who lives what he preaches, as evidenced by these two videos. Here’s Janka pulling his moves on a girl at a college campus:

And here he is on the street, just cold pulling a girls number:

(learn his 3 step system)

As you can see, getting a girl’s phone number is very important in Janka’s world. In fact, that’s the groundwork for everything that’s going to happen. You’re not going to take a girl out on a date, or meet her at a bar, and get her back to your place without first getting her number.

And even getting her number isn’t a huge indicator that anything is going to happen. No matter what kind of game you have, or money, or good looks, girls are notorious for being flakers. So the most important part is to just get numbers. And then get more numbers. And then, when you think you got enough numbers, to go out and get some more numbers. You could get 7 numbers in a week, but only 4 of those will answer, and 2 of those will agree to go out, and 1 won’t flake. You see how this works. It’s all just a numbers game.

Which is where Janka comes in. He helps you get those numbers. He takes you from getting one a single number at a party, to walking out with your cell phone full of about 30 numbers. What you do with those numbers afterwards, well, that’s up to you.

So, then. Does Janka’s “Attraction Formula” work?


– It’s easy to read and understand. There’s no bullshit or fluff here. It’s a streamlined piece geared towards one thing, and one thing only.

– There’s a certain trust there since Janka lives by what he preaches. And it works for him, so you know it can work for you!

– If you follow his instructions, you will definitely meet more women.


– It WILL help you get a girl’s number. But what you do after that point is pretty much up to you. He doesn’t go past getting the number at all.

– If you have extreme approach anxiety with girls, this isn’t going to help you with that. You need to work on that first before trying out Janka’s method.

– If you are hideously ugly, this also will not work on it. So much of this is based on first-responses, that you have to at least be presentable looking to pull off Janka’s moves.

So there you have it. Even if the guy is a bit of an asshole, it doesn’t mean there’s not value in his work. If you are looking to get more girls numbers, this will work for you!

==> If you like that, then you should head over here and watch a video of Paul Janka explaining his exact method for getting girls’ phone numbers.

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How To Ask First Date Questions Thu, 05 May 2011 10:00:43 +0000

First date

There’s only one chance to make a first impression. Everyone knows that saying. But it’s around for a reason. If you have a bad first date with a girl, there’s virtually no chance she’s going to agree to going on a second date with you.

Which is why it’s important to ask the right first date questions.

Emotional Not Facts

The biggest thing to keep in mind when coming up with questions to ask on a date is that this is not a stuffy old boring job interview. This is about who she is, not what she has done. So questions like “What is your job?” or “How many pets do you have?” or “Where did you grow up?” all need to be thrown away immediately.

These facts about her will come out in due time.

Instead, you have to make the first date about who she is inside. Cut through all of the crap. Forget about the boring small talk that generally dominates these kind of first date meetings.

To give you a few examples of what I mean, here are some ideal first date questions:

– What was the worst first date experience you’ve ever had?

– If you had to pick up and move anywhere else in the world today, where would it be?

– What was the most embarrassing thing to happen to you?

– What is your secret weakness, something you cannot say no to?

You see how these cut right to the heart of what kind of person she is, not what her past accomplishments are?

Statements, Not Questions

If you think these questions might come off as too forced or as some kind of line, then a trick I use sometimes is to disguise questions in the form of a statement. For example, looking her over and saying “You look like you come from money, because you look so classy” will get her opening up about how she grew up much quicker and easier than just using the boring old “How was your experience growing up?”

Having these kinds of conversations will make her less nervous, more comfortable around you, and open her up to all sorts of flirting.

Speaking of flirting, here’s a video I made about how to flirt on a first date you have to check out:

Get your Free 27 Page Manuscript Small Talk Tactics: Make Small Talk Sexy and Learn How Make Any Conversation Fun, Playful, and Create Attraction.

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Video Review of the Pandora’s Box System Sun, 24 Apr 2011 18:20:17 +0000

Last February a pickup artist by the name of Vin Dicarlo released a new program called The Pandora’s Box System in which he teaches men how to read a woman’s mind and use the information is attract the woman of your dreams.

Here is a review that I created all about the Pandora’s Box System

You can get a copy of Pandora’s Box.

(video: My Vin Dicarlo Pandora’s Box Review)

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How to Approach a Girl Wed, 30 Mar 2011 19:28:46 +0000

Easier than you thiink

If you’re here, then you have a problem. You cannot for the life of you get past the nervous feeling you get whenever you are trying to approach girls. And listen, that’s fine. We’ve all been there. But it’s time to change that by reading this article.

The Best Way To Approach Girls

We’ll start off by saying what is NOT the best way to approach girls, and this is the kind of thing most guys do. They walk up to her, say she looks pretty or something, trying to hide their nerves by inevitably failing, and then ask for their number. No wonder they get rejected so many times.

No, folks. The best way – that I’ve found, at least – is to use an “indirect opener” in order to start talking to a girl. These are such things as asking her “Do you know where the nearest coffee shop is?” or “Do you know when the next bus stops here?” Innocent comments like that. By asking these normal questions, the girl will have no choice but to respond in a normal way to you, making the all-important first part of the conversation loose and laid back. You can take it from there.

The other one that I use is the “opinion opener.” This is better to use in a party or bar setting than, say, just walking down the street. How it works is you try to get her opinion on something like “is kissing cheating?” (Usually the more scandalous, relationship-based ones work the best. Avoid things like “what do you think about the Carmello Anthony trade?”) This will get her talking, it’ll get you talking, and before you know it you’re in a conversation with her.

When to Approach Her

Most guys think the best time to approach is after getting eye contact. To that, I say, watch this video:

Mistakes to Avoid

Three main things to avoid. The first is to give her some personal space when approaching her. You don’t want to set off the creep alarm in her brain before even saying two words to her. Then you have to dig yourself out of a huge hole. The second is to avoid complimenting her. I know, it sounds weird, but by complimenting her too much off the bat you are putting her on a pedestal and at a place of power. Trust me. The last one is to simply get rid of your nerves. At the very least, try not to appear nervous. See what you’re doing, how you’re acting, and go from there.

How to Get Confidence

Watch this:

There. Follow these tips and you’ll be fine when you get out into the field.

Get your Free 27 Page Manuscript Small Talk Tactics: Make Small Talk Sexy and Learn How Make Any Conversation Fun, Playful, and Create Attraction.

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Keys To Talking To Girls Tue, 22 Mar 2011 22:45:38 +0000

Talking to girls that you like is not especially easy, especially if you don’t know what to say to a girl. I know it, and you know it (judging by the fact that you found this article in the first place). But it doesn’t have to be hard if you follow these keys. The most important one of the first one, detailing what to say to start a conversation.

Key 1: Open Without Small Talk

By this I mean, get into the conversation right away. Stay away from boring topics like “the weather” or sports or whatever. The first impression you don’t want to make is to be boring right away.

Key 2: Flirt With Her

This is important, in order to stay out of that dreaded friend zone. For tips on how to flirt correctly, check out this video I made:

Key 3: Tease Her

This goes hand-in-hand with flirting, but it’s extremely important so I’m highlighting it a second time. You want to create sexual tension with some playful ribbing during the conversation. You want to have funny things to say to a girl. Call bullshit on her for a few things.

Key 4: Express Your Opinions

Girls do not like guys who are easy pushovers. Avoid this label by expressing your own opinions during the discussion, even if they are in opposition to hers.

Key 5: Talk About Emotional Things

Ask her about the first time she fell in love, or when she realized the career path she should be on, or something she read that makes her cry. Heighten the emotions of the conversation – and, thusly, her emotional investment in it – by talking about emotional topics.

Key 6: Conversation Games

When a conversation has hit a lull – which will happen at some point – break out the conversation games a bit. Things like “Truth or Dare” or “Would you rather” to keep the conversation flowing and you two talking. Don’t be bashful about using these. She will want to avoid the awkward silence as well.

Other Keys

I know you might not know exactly what to say to a girl you like or take the conversation to a flirtatious level, so I created a FREE 27 page manuscript called Small Talk Tactics: Make Small Talk Sexy.

In this report and MP3 I give you examples of exactly what kinds of things to say to a girl and things to do to create “sexual attraction.”

The fact is, finding out a girl likes you is only the first step in getting the kiss or making her your girlfriend.  If you want to move to the second step, you absolutely must know what kind of things to say to a girl.

This manuscript will show you exactly how to flirt in a way that gets a girl’s attention focused on you, so that you can easily kiss her, ask her out on a date, or get her back to your bedroom.

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How Not To Ask A Girl Out Wed, 16 Mar 2011 19:13:49 +0000

Asking a girl out doesn't have to be terrifying

Now that I’ve been showing some success with women – trust me, it wasn’t always like this – a lot of friends have been asking me what my secret is to the really terrifying experience of asking a girl out. I thought I’d share that information with you by telling you what NOT to do when asking a girl out.

1. Become super-invested in her.

This is a biggie, both when you’re first starting to know her and when you actually ask her out. When you’re established attraction with her – a must-do before asking any girl out – you want to give off the impression that you could take her or leave her. Girls want a bit of a challenge. In the same way, when asking her out, don’t become too emotionally-invested in her answer of “yes” or “no.” If she feels like it is for you, it’ll put too much pressure on her and she’s get scared.

2. Be shy.

Oh, if girls see a guy who is shy and not very fun, they just can’t wait to hang out with him some more, right? Show her that you’re a fun guy to hang around with, and that if she wanted to, the two of you could have some fun together.

3. Be a follower.

There’s a reason why every girl in high school was attracted to the captain of the football team. Girls love leaders. Show off your leadership ability before asking a girl out by organizing a large event with your friends and inviting her along, or just going to the same party and talking to a whole lot of people. Girls like guys who are comfortable in their own skin.

4. Ask her to go to a dinner and movie.

This has become the worst date possible. Not only is it the most un-original and boring type of date out there, but it suddenly puts this extra legitimacy to the date, which can scare her off for good. Come up with something a bit more original, guys.

5. Ask her to go to something, sometime.

So many guys hate putting themselves out there and specifying a specific thing to do to, so instead of actually asking out a girl they’ll say something like “do you want to do something sometime?” Oh, girls just can’t WAIT to be asked a vague question like that. Come up a plan – which you can use to your benefit, since you can put yourself in the situation that makes you look the best – and ask her to it. If she says “no,” that’s her problem.

Now that I’ve told you the secrets of how NOT to ask a girl out, here’s a video explaining what you need to know about actually asking a girl out:

If you want to learn in-depth tips, tactics, and techniques for getting beautiful women to like you and make it easier to ask a girl out, then I suggest downloading a free copy of my Make Small Talk Sexy report. In this 27 report I tell you exactly how to talk to girls in a way that creates sexual attraction.

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3 Questions That Turn Her On F.A.Q. Mon, 14 Mar 2011 15:18:14 +0000

Pandora’s Box 3 Questions That Turn Her ON

Pandora's Box 3 Mind REading QuestionsA lot of guys are aware of the power of asking questions to get inside a woman’s mind and turn her on in a way that other guys can’t.

However, few actually take the time to implement Pandora’s Box and go out and test using these 3 questions to turn a woman on. This is because there is confusion about how to properly introduce them into the conversation, and how to quickly use the information to read her mind. In this article, I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about using the Pandora’s Box One Minute Mind Reading techniques.

How do bring up the 3 questions into the conversation?

The main goal of these 3 questions is to simply determine a woman’s profile type. Which if you remember, she will most likely fit into one of the eight common personality types of women. Remember, you’re only trying to figure out three things. And sometimes, you can actually figure these three things out without even asking the questions.

What are the 3 things I’m trying to figure out by asking the questions?

Like I said previously, your main goal is to figure out which personality profile the woman fits into. The purpose of asking the 3 questions is to determine:

1. Her ‘Time Line’ – determines the dating strategy she uses to find her ideal mate…
2. Her ‘Sex Line’ – How she views sex and what behaviors turn her on…
3. Her ‘Relationship Line’ – What factors make her see a guy as fit for a relationship or not…

==> Watch Video Explaining Pandora’s Box

Once you determine these three things, you should quickly determine where she fits into the 8 personality types of Pandora’s Box.  Read the One Minute Mind Reading Report.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to figure out her personality type, so that you can use the Pandora’s Box strategy guide to read her mind, and create your exact strategy for creating attraction.

What do I do if I get stuck?

Remember, the system is about 97% accurate, which means that from time to time you will get stuck. But the more you practice, the more you’ll be able to quiz a woman more quickly. And the great thing is, as you get good at this, you’ll be able to profile a woman without ever even having to ask her the 3 questions.

Okay- I have been able to profile her – now what?

Once you’re able to profile a woman, you must take the initiative to change your strategy to her specific personality type. Remember, its NOT the 3 questions that turn her on.. it is that these 3 questions reveal things about her that allow you to quickly determine the best way to seduce her based on the strategy guide in Pandora’s Box.

Check out my: Pandora’s Box Review

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Avoiding and Escaping the Friend Zone Thu, 10 Mar 2011 00:57:22 +0000

The dreaded friend zone

Friend zone. Just saying the words make me cringe.

I’ve been known to fall victim to getting stuck in the dreaded friend zone a few times in my life. It’s the worst possible situation. You’re stuck hanging out with a girl you really like, but she shows no interest in you because she thinks you’re just friends. It’s basically self-torture.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid it and ways to escape the friend zone if you’re stuck in it.

Avoiding It

To do this, make sure to flirt with her right off the bat. You don’t want to wait a few days or weeks in order to let her stick you in the friend zone. If you have been hanging out with a girl for a few months and have yet to kiss, guess what, you’re in the friend zone. For flirting advice, check out my video:

Also, don’t be too agreeable with her whenever she says anything. Share your own opinion when having a conversation with her. Also, make sure to be the leader when it comes to making plans.

Escaping It

This is the tricky part. Escaping the friend zone. The first thing you need to do is stop hanging out with her. You need to reset the relationship, in a way, so that she will start thinking about you in a different light. Don’t return her calls right away. Say you’re too busy to hang out with her. Make her jealous by hanging out with other people, especially girls. And if you don’t have other girls to hang out with, just make your excuses very vague or fib a little.

When you do finally hang out with her again, make sure something is different about how you look. Maybe change a haircut, or pop in contacts, or change your clothes. You want her to start seeing you as a sexual being from now on instead of just a friend.

And finally, after hanging out with her again, go for the kiss. She will probably be off guard, but let her know how you’re feeling and what you want to get out of this relationship now. Maintain your composure and confidence and let her know what you want.

And really, what’s the worst that can happen? She might get freaked out and no longer want to be friends with you? I mean, let’s be honest, do you need another friend here?

For more information on flirting, check out my FREE 27-page manuscript “Small Talk Tactics: Make Small Talk Sexy” which is available for a free download.

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